Code - Code


Community Carnage: An upcoming Solana based FPS

Helius: Solana's most loved RPC Nodes, APIs, Webhooks, and Data

Solape: An OpenBook Solana DEX built by apes, for apes

Open Source Contributions

Deno: A modern runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript

Deno Lint: Blazing fast linter for JavaScript and TypeScript written in Rust

SolanaCiv: Fully on-chain 4x strategy game, inspired by Sid Meier's Civilization

XRAY: A human-readable Solana transaction explorer powered by Helius

Personal Projects

Breakout: A rendition of Atari's classic coded in Rust using the Macroquad game engine

DSA in Rust: A collection of data structures and algorithms, from simple search algos to a fully functional PoW blockchain, coded in Rust

Ethernaut: Solutions to Ethernaut, OpenZeppelin's Web3 / Solidity based wargame

IchiChain: A rudimentary Proof of Stake blockchain coded in Python

Personal Site: A slice of cyberspace dedicated for my portfolio and blog

RPSLS: A Web3 dApp that allows you to play Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock against another player on the Sepolia testnet while wagering Ether